Things to Consider When Picking the Venue For Your Next Event

There are a huge number of event venues in Phoenix, and finding the location that’s right for your needs can seem like a daunting task. However, pinpointing the right spot can be as simple as determining the needs of your special occasion. Consider these factors the next time you need to plan events in Phoenix, and consider recruiting the help of an experienced event manager to help you navigate the market.

Picking the Venue


The most important factor in choosing your venue ultimately comes down to your budget. While you may have the perfect space in mind for your special occasion, never forget to be realistic in your assessment. Narrow down your results to those within your means, and use those options as the basis for the rest of your decision making.


How many attendees will you be serving, and what other space components do you need to account for? Speak with the individuals renting the event space to ensure that their maximum capacity is larger than your predicted attendance. You should make sure your numbers are slightly below maximum capacity to ensure for any attendance changes, but not so far below as to make the space seem underserved. Also keep in mind the purpose or theme of the event, and account for additional requirements like a dance floor, stage, or specialty lighting fixtures.


Many events include their own amenities like A/V equipment, kitchens, and tables. These vary on a space by space basis and should be taken into consideration early in the decisionmaking process. Balance available options against your budget and logistics. A venue that offers its own catering or DJ services can save you money and ease the complications that come with having to look for individual service providers.


A good venue provides easy access to all attendees. Consider the size of your party and the availability of parking and public transportation. Making sure that the facility has reasonable means by which guests with physical disabilities can navigate it is also a crucial component of a good facility.

Taking into account these factors will provide you a good basis when scouting your next location. Seeking the help of professional events service providers, as well, like Details Event Management can help things go a lot smoother and faster. That way, you won’t have to worry about the logistical details of your event–you’ll just need to approve the pre-selected choices–and you can instead focus on preparing the aspects of the event, like the program.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Venue for Your Event, Virtual Venue Visit.