Not Your Average Golf Tournament


Go to any event calendar in Arizona and click on any Saturday. I guarantee up popped at least 10 Golf Tournaments. The  purpose of each golf tournament is to raise money for the nonprofit organization in a fun way. However, if you have to participate in 20 golf tournaments per year, is it fun anymore?

At Details Events & Marketing, we help our nonprofit organizations design one of a kind FUN-RAISERS. For instance, in the picture above you see me on the right in golf gear. I have the branded polo, fun hat, fun socks, and classic shoes. What you don’t see is the fact I played football,  soccer, frolf (Frisbee-golf), volleyball, and basketball on that golf course. The event was designed to appreciate the Mesa Community College athletic department donors and attract some new donations. Every hole was run by a different athletic program and the student athletes currently on scholarship. At hole 1, I kicked a soccer ball as far as I could towards the “hole,” after being coached proper technique by a star player. I played nine holes of nine different sports. By the end of the game, I had met many student athletes of whom I support and had fun doing so.  The event raised over $15,000 in 2 hours with under 75 participants.

Successful, original, branded events are what DEM specializes in planning and we are passionate about creating one for you!