Experts Reveal that Backup Plans are the Secret to Successful Events

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When you attend events where everything seems to run smoothly, the truth about what went on behind the scenes may surprise you. The fact is that a great event is not the result of luck, but it does come from careful planning. More importantly, great organizers know the importance of having a plan B. They’re ready for everything from unexpected storms to caterer fails and even delays with the entertainment.

Keeping the Weather in Mind

You can bank on the weather in areas like Phoenix being hot, but other regions may worry about unexpected rain. A safe bet is to rent tents and set them up throughout the venue. Event planners know the importance of providing people with shade, a place to cool off and spot to escape any unexpected storms.

Check References
Avoid problems with caterer or entertainment by checking references ahead of time. Ask your caterer what steps they put in place to tend to problems so that you’ll have smooth service and can provide your guests with a great experience.

Be Ready to Step In

If you have entertainment coming, then be ready to step in and keep the crowd appeased if someone is running a little late. This is where opening acts come in handy. They can stretch out their own set to help cover a gap before the headliner comes in. You may also have someone on your own staff who can help fill the void with a short comedy routine or motivational talk. Target those people ahead of time so that you’ll know what to do if the unexpected occurs.


Finally, be clear with your customers about the cancellation policy. If your part of an event is tied to something else, such as a ball game, then you need to know what you’ll do if that other activity is cancelled. Clearly communicate your cancellation policy so that your guests will know what to expect.

When it comes to major events, it simply is not enough to plan out the details and try to consider all the angles. You should also take time to think about the things that can go wrong, and talk them through with a Phoenix event planner, like those from Details Events & Marketing. As you work through the worst-case scenarios and come up with a solid backup plan, you’ll improve the chances that your activity will go off without a hitch and be a huge hit.


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