DEM Partners

We believe in relationships at Details Events & Marketing. Our partners are the lifeline of our organization. Through our strong relationships with our valued partners, we are able to pass their excellence and individual expertise onto you – sharing the strengths of each company to create a truly unique event experience.

Event Planning is all in the details

From functional websites, to clean marketing pieces, one of a kind lighting and sound, flawless audio visual, photography, and videography, we strive to astound your guests with our creative collection of talents. Our goal is to make your event a memorable experience for you and your guests by working with our partners to ensure that every detail is taken care of from event planning to marketing. DEM has everything you need to produce an unforgettable event.

Call Details Events & Marketing at 480.794.1374 or email us for a complimentary event consultation.

Our Event Planning & Marketing Partners:

BTS LogoMidleton Media Group Crystal Clear PhotographyLucky You Creative Audio Visual & Lighting

Videography, testimonials, commercials, skype, Recording AIO_Logo